IT-OT Convergence and Operations Digital Twin

Process Industry Context

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This webinar will delve into the nature and volume of IT, OT and IoT data in the Process Industry, the potential business impact this data, and the critical requirements for the seamless interplay of IT, OT, and IoT data to drive operations excellence.

The day to day operation of a manufacturing plant – whether it’s a petroleum refinery, chemical/petrochemical plant, steel plant, cement plant, or brewery – is very complex. It involves continuous coordination of various functions and activities such as planning, scheduling, inventory, production, process (physical), quality, maintenance, procurement, dispatch, etc.

Consequently, it involves data from a myriad of IT and OT applications, traditionally grouped in five hierarchical layers as per “Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture,” commonly known as “Purdue Model.” Applications in these layers and the data therein are mission-critical and drive the core manufacturing, supply chain, and business operations.

However, the data is scattered across various applications (ERP, MES, Automation) residing in these IT & OT layers. Leveraging this data through advanced analytics can yield immense value.

For example, just a 1% improvement in energy for a 300,000 BPD refinery can add USD 2.5 to USD 3.5 Million per year to the bottom line. However, unleashing and preparing this data and making it analytics-ready is 80% - 90% of the work in any typical analytics endeavor – a problem commonly known as “The 80/20 data science dilemma”.

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