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The Fundamentals of Industrial Data & Analytics

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Analytics is foundational to turning data into assets and building systemic resilience & efficiency in any form of Manufacturing, Production and Supply Chain Operations. Often, the complexity of concepts & know-how, clarity on critical success factors, and even the jargons add unwanted inertia to organizations trying to embark on their digitalization journey or reap its benefits. This webinar will aim to bring about the much-needed clarity regarding digitalization from a Manufacturing & Production ( & related SCM operations) perspective. It will deep dive into fundamental concepts and topics such as:• Structuring analytics in terms of Oversight, Insight, and Foresight and the reason thereof • Structuring analytics to support cross-functional cognition of impact of the events, trends, etc. and the importance thereof • Structuring analytics to support multiple roles and perspectives of the users  (persona)• How the above influence the various technical aspects such as:
- Presenting data and analytics within the opportunity window - in real-time / Right-time
- Harmonizing, Homogenizing and Blending data from multiple IT and OT data streams.
- Blending data with domain expertise, personas and perspective – Information modeling
- Cloud vs On-premise – the advantages and trade-offs
- Other

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