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A pioneering Industry 4.0 Data Platform company based out of Singapore

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dDriven is a pioneering Industry 4.0 Data Platform company based out of Singapore. The company was founded in 2016 by industry veterans who have been right at the intersect of Manufacturing and Technology for decades.

The Manufacturing industry has invested more than a trillion dollars in mission-critical IT and OT applications over the last 10+years. It continues to spend more than USD 200 billion each year on IT, OT and IoT assets.

While these are the most valuable assets of the industry, they are also the biggest bane. A confluence of 25 to 50+ IT/OT data streams supports the day to day operations in any typical manufacturing and business operation. The process is manual, and the outcome is siloed - resulting in delays and blind spots that ultimately lead to losses, inefficiencies and accidents - disconnected manufacturing.

The manual and fragmented process of preparing data for analytics, be it AI/ML, dashboards or reports, is a common bottleneck and the biggest barrier to any form of Digital Transformation endeavour. It is the primary root cause of disconnected manufacturing.

dDriven’s no-code platform UNLSH addresses this critical pain point. It cohesively blends machine, manufacturing, and business data to create analytics augmented cyber replicas of enterprise-wide operations in its entirety. It reduces IT complexity and time-to-value by up to 80% in any large-scale analytics and digital transformation initiative.

Founding Team

dDriven prides itself not only on ground-breaking technology, but also on the talent of its people. The company is thriving under the guidance and leadership of some of the brightest minds and most experienced executives in the Industry.

Partha Ray

CEO & Founder

Rakesh Malhotra

Co-founder & Strategic Advisor

Venugopal Gurusamy

Co-Founder & CTO

Other Leaderships

Shrirang Deshpande

VP - Sales

Deepak Agrawal

Director - Projects

Sanchit Garg

Head of Finance & Special Projects

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