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Trusted Digital Transformation Partner to Fortune 500 Manufacturing Majors

dDriven has been the perfect partner we could ask for in our Digitalization Journey. With the help of dDriven, we have been able to take a firm step towards Smart Manufacturing and digitalization of our plant operations. Our plant operations have become much more transparent and efficient, minimizing lost opportunities. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with dDriven and having them help us pursue data-driven excellence.


Team Lead - Process Solution Team

dDriven has been our trusted Digital Manufacturing partner for 3 years now. They bring in an unique blend of proven Industrial Deep Tech expertise with real-world applications implemented globally - this, especially given the rapid pace at which they deliver, is essential for driving digital transformation in large manufacturing operations such as ours. We are working closely with them to harness the power of deep learning and digitalization for our operations.


Principal Engineer

UNLSH The Power Of Your Data. ​

Cut down the Solution Engineering complexity and Time-to-value by 80%

The industry as a whole is at an inflection point. For the past 20+ years, the manufacturing industry alone has invested about USD 200 Billion/year in various OT applications (e.g., PLC, DCS, SCADA), MES applications (e.g., planning, scheduling, quality, maintenance, etc.), and the ERP stack (example: SAP for Finance, Procurement, Warehousing, etc.). The historical data that is already available in these systems, and the data that is being continuously generated as they operate, holds the key to unlocking the next wave of operational excellence. The average net margin of the manufacturing industry varies between 5% - 7%. Thus, just a 1% improvement in operational performance has the potential of improving the bottom line by 20% to 15%. The real potential of the value is far greater than just 1% - dDriven consistently helps its customers achieve this with its no-code data platform, UNLSH, by drastically reducing the complexity involved in extracting value from industrial operations data.  ​

Designed for Rapid Deployment

Cut down the data-engineering complexity & deployment time by 80%.
Empower your core engineers,domain experts, and solutioning experts with the UNLSH No-Code data engineering workbench.​
Empower your power users with No-Code self-service reporting and dashboarding tools.​

Trust and Access Control

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory or any other SSO.​
Apply categorical or individual security policies to the lowest level of data granularity as required (e.g. individual tag)​.
Exchange data through the highest level of security (Oauth 2.0/JWT ) with 3rd party applications.

Future-Proof Your Investment​

Flexible deployment configuration: on-premise (edge), cloud, or edge-cloud hybrid​.
Add anything, anytime – data sources (IT, OT or IoT), analytics, calculations, rules, logic, ML algorithms, dashboards & reports.​
Start with one manufacturing unit and scale up to cover any number of units spread across the globe.

Solutioning at the Speed of Your Thought

UNLSH the power of your Data by unshackling it from the silos and the barriers of data-engineering complexities.

Break down the IT-OT silos​

Move your data from a process historian to an ERP system, from an ERP system to your specialized SCM application, from various IT/OT applications to any cloud, etc. UNLSH allows for "any to any"  data flow engineering, including specialized transforms such as turning cost information from SAP to time-series format, through a simple drag & drop interface. ​

Path to the cloud is over the edge

Securely stream all or a part of your IT, OT or IoT data to any cloud of your choice in any format - either raw(as ingested) format, or a fully harmonized and contextualized format including hierarchies and interdependencies.

Serve and circle back

Serve fully prepared data to simulation, optimization, analytics SaaS. Circle back the outputs (recommended values, prognosis, events, etc.) to the operations dashboards and reports as actionable information.

Provide cross-functional oversight, insight & foresight​

Mix & analyze your IT, OT, and IoT data from your SAP, MES applications, Historians, Automation systems, IoT sensors, etc., and create dashboards & reports involving various functions and activities. UNSLH’s Operations Digital Twin (ODT) mechanism ensures intrinsic cross-functionality across functions:

Production Operations
Supply Chain Management Operations ​Maintenance​
Health, Safety and Environment​
Sales and Distribution
Finance, etc.

The UNLSH No-Code ODT template builder ensures rapid modeling of your plant and business. The re-useable ODT library ensures even faster time-to-value.

About dDriven

dDriven is a pioneering Industry 4.0 Data Platform company based out of Singapore. The company was founded in 2016 by industry veterans who have been right at the intersect of Manufacturing and Technology for decades.

The Manufacturing industry has invested more than a trillion dollars in mission-critical IT and OT applications over the last 10+years. It continues to spend more than USD 200 billion each year on IT, OT and IoT assets.

While these are the most valuable assets of the industry, they are also the biggest bane. A confluence of 25 to 50+ IT/OT data streams supports the day to day operations in any typical manufacturing and business operation. The process is manual, and the outcome is siloed - resulting in delays and blind spots that ultimately lead to losses, inefficiencies and accidents - disconnected manufacturing.

The manual and fragmented process of preparing data for analytics, be it AI/ML, dashboards or reports, is a common bottleneck and the biggest barrier to any form of Digital Transformation endeavour. It is the primary root cause of disconnected manufacturing.

dDriven’s no-code platform UNLSH addresses this critical pain point. It cohesively blends machine, manufacturing, and business data to create analytics augmented cyber replicas of enterprise-wide operations in its entirety. It reduces IT complexity and time-to-value by up to 80% in any large-scale analytics and digital transformation initiative.

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Founding Team

dDriven prides itself not only on ground-breaking technology, but also on the talent of its people. The company is thriving under the guidance and leadership of some of the brightest minds and most experienced executives in the Industry.


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Co-founder & CTO

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