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An Industry 4.0 data platform purpose built for leveraging the IT, OT & IoT data goldmine​​

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IT-OT Converged
No data lock-in
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No-Code data engineering + DataOps automation

no code engineering data operations automation

Drag & Drop IT/OT Data Pipelines

IT and OT data is raw, scattered, siloed, and lacks context. It largely remains stranded as it requires a lot of time & specialized skills to handle.​ UNLSH enables "any to any" data flow engineering, including blending & specialized transforms through a simple drag & drop interface. ​​

The Operations Digital Twin

Business & Domain contextualization with hierarchies & dependencies for your data and analytics

Modular & Templatized​

Modular, repeatable and templatized solutioning for your entire enterprise.
automation mes erp data operations digital twin
enterprise wide odts

Operationalize Anything

Securely stream (and circle back) all or a part of  your IT, OT or IoT data to in any format (raw or contextualized).

Cross Functional Intelligence at your fingertips

Understand the impact any event across your plant and business operations.
cross functional intelligence

No data lock-in

Common data-backbone and Open Data Access.


Eliminates need to integrate multiple tools​. No dependency on multiple teams with specific tool expertise​. Major reduction in Complexity, Risk, License & Services cost​.

Data Ingestion
Drag & Drop
Data Preparation
& Analytics
Enterprise Historian
& Datalake
Active Directory
Edge-Cloud Synch
& Interoperability
Open Data
Self Service Dashboard
& Report Builder
5-HT Digital Hub

Anything in, anything out : Digging companies’ data gold mine

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ARC Advisory Group

dDriven Unleashes Plant Data to Enable Operational Excellence

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Gulf Commercial Group Engineering Services partners with dDriven

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