Oil & Gas

Upstream Oil & Gas Production Operations

Customer Profile & Overview

The customer is a Fortune 100 Conglomerate with diverse business interests, including Oil & Gas production, petroleum refining, and petrochemicals. This case study is about the Oil & Gas Production Operations of the customer. The customer operates a significant scale of fields in production and plans to increase its asset base. As such, their goal was to gain end-to-end visibility into their operations to minimize hiccups while they scale.


The customer intended to set up an Operations Command Centre (OCC) to gain data-driven visibility and improve decision-making capability using analytics across various functions such as Safety, Reliability, Production, Operations and Maintenance. The purpose of OCC would be to:

1. Help achieve greater agility and responsiveness by integrating disparate software applications
2. Provide a single window with all KPIs in near real-time, leading to:
  • Improvement in Operations Performance, and
  • Maximizing reliability and availability of assets
  • Effective management of critical asset performance
  • Improvement in HSE performance

Overall, the objective was to ensure effective cross-functional coordination.


Given the UNLSH platform’s proven history, the customer chose it to be the foundational data platform to help them achieve their goals.  

UNLSH (pronounced unleash) is dDriven’s Industry 4.0 data platform with large-scale deployments in various manufacturing/production settings for Fortune 500 majors. UNLSH is essentially the digital nervous system that connects data, analytics, and operations. It laid the foundation for the customer that would allow them to add any new data source (new assets, etc.) as and when they desire and rapidly develop and operationalize any new solutions (such as AI-driven predictive maintenance).

Some of the customer's IT & OT data sources amongst the 20+ that were used:
  1. >50,000 Tags
  2. Process Historian
  3. SAP
  4. Asset Performance Management (APM)
  5. Document Management
  6. Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  7. Engineering Data Management
  8. GIS
  9. Others

As shown above, UNLSH ingested, blended, transformed, and contextualized data from the customer’s IT & OT data sources. Its no-code interface allowed for rapid data pipeline deployment & DataOps automation to serve data to, and operationalize 300 analytics widgets to monitor more than 300 KPIs on visualization tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and XHQ. These widgets were published on desktops, mobiles, and the video wall at the Operations Command Center.

Timeframe : The overall “go-live,” including data engineering and visualization customization, was achieved within four months.


  • Remote management of production and other KPIs from anywhere across the country – especially critical during the pandemic
  • higher productivity
  • better resource utilization
  • increased production per unit time across the board

Expansion : Solution demand in terms of stakeholders increased by 40%; additional 200+ widgets implemented.

ROI : UNLSH has been the de-facto foundational operating system for the customer’s production operations since January 2021. The ROI helped recover the project's cost within the first six months.

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