Unlock potential of your AVEVA PI ecosystem through No-Code data engineering and accelerating time-to-value by over 60%

UNLSH makes it extremely easy, to ingest data from multiple data-sources such as SAP, any MES application, Sales & Distribution applications, etc. It enables effortless Exploration, Ingestion, Modeling & Blending, Calculations (KPI and KOP) and delivery of data to AVEVA OSI PI, both in tabular and time-series form, through any suitable interface such as UFL, Restful API, ODBC or Database Access.

  1. No Code - Designed for Citizen Developers. Minimizes skill-set requirements, makes it extremely easy to adapt to changing requirements.
  2. Connect & Explore - Connect to your ERP, MES, Sales & Distribution applications and explore the underlying tables, Views, data, meta-data, in minutes.
  3. Ingest ANY- Unleash data from SAP (Tables, Views, RFC) AVEVA, ASPENTECH, MERIDIUM, Other & Home-grown applications and databases.
  4. Comprehensive - Model, Blend, Calculate any KPI and KOP (Key Operating Parameter) and prepare real-time data-sets as Gold layer (final fully processed), Silver layer or Bronze layer.
  5. Serve ANY - Serve data to any other Visualization tools, Cloud PaaS of SaaS, ML tools and also circle back the analytical outcome to the UNLSH data-model.
  6. Serve PI - Serve data to AVEVA OSI PI through any desired interface, such as UFL, Restful, ODBC, Database connector, etc.

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