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Digital Transformation of Naphtha Cracking Operations of a Petrochemical Major

Today, we wanted to share a case study about a customer for whom we were able to deliver immense value. The customer is one of the largest global Petrochemical companies with numerous operations across geographies. This case study is about their largest Petrochemical Complex, with a focus on the Naphtha Cracking Operations.

Customer Profile : Fortune 500 Petrochemical Major
Plant featured in this case study: Naphtha Cracking Complex, 1.3 MTY

Naphtha Cracking is one of the most complex and the highest energy-consuming processes in the petrochemical industry. It separates Naphtha & other feedstock into several components (Olefins) like Ethylene, Propylene etc. which are raw materials for downstream processing units to produce rubber, plastic and various organic chemical materials.

While being their biggest asset, data was also the customer’s biggest bane when it came to performance oversight and analytical insight. A confluence of 25+ IT/OT data streams, such as 141,000 time-series tags and numerous applications such as SAP PM, SAP MM, Planning, Scheduling, LIMs, Process Historian, etc., supported their day-to-day operations. The manual & fragmented process of extracting performance oversight and insight within the opportunity window was a huge bottleneck. They had minimal cross-functional visibility across plant and business operations that resulted in production losses, operational inefficiencies, higher energy cost, downtime, idle inventory, accidents, and near-misses.  

UNLSH addressed this critical issue by cohesively blending all the IT & OT data and its analytical derivatives into a real-time cyber replica of operations (or Operations Digital Twins (ODTs)). The UNLSH ODTs are essentially information models that contextualize data & analytics in terms of business roles and paradigms. They became the backend-driver as a whole for all the cross-functional intelligence being delivered through dynamic & intuitive dashboards. These dashboards were built using Siemens XHQ, a powerful and specialized visualization tool. With UNLSH's no-code workbenches, this major data engineering work was completed within 14 weeks.

Key Impact: Unprecedented data-driven oversight, insight, and foresight leading to - reduced production loss, downtime, accidents, near-misses, non-compliances, elimination of delayed manual reporting, elimination of delayed and unreliable Excel-based performance metrics, functional mis-coordination, etc.

Total Estimated Impact of  = USD 62M-75M

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