Cloud Connect

UNLSH Cloud Connect - Effortlessly stream your IT and OT data to any or multiple cloud ecosystems

Manufacturers face challenges when utilizing IT and OT data for cloud-scale analytics and data lake projects due to technical debts and complexities within their systems. Establishing seamless connectivity and efficient data ingestion processes are key obstacles in achieving real-time cloud analytics. Overcoming these challenges is essential for manufacturers to fully leverage the cloud's capabilities and gain valuable insights to drive operational excellence.

Connect to SAP, MES, Process Data Historians, and more and stream your data direct as raw or prepared as Bronze, Silver or Gold dataset to the Cloud PaaS and SaaS of your choice.

  1. Vendor Agnostic : Ingest data from ANY source, and stream to ANY destination.
  2. No-Code : Purpose build for Citizen Developers. Minimizes skillset dependency and Time-to-Value.
  3. Data Visibility : Search, explore, and analyze source data and schema before ingestion, eliminating the need for back-and-forth clarifications.
  4. Ingest & Store : Streamline data and change-data capture processes by employing various ingestion modes that address legacy data-source challenges. Selectively extract data in multiple streams, applying filters, rules, and transformations, all without impacting the source application. Seamlessly store your IT and OT data in the cloud, either directly or utilizing the UNLSH delta-lake, and effortlessly forward all or specific layers (e.g., bronze/raw, silver/validated, or gold/enriched) to cloud destinations.

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