Data in manufacturing business – Impacts, Challenges, and Solutions

Aug 17, 2021
3:00 – 4:00 pm SGT
Zoom Webinar

About the event

A manufacturing business needs complex coordination of various interdependent activities among HQ, sales & marketing, supply chain, manufacturing plants operations, etc. As the market is volatile (e.g., prices of crude oil, utilities, etc. widely vary each day), the performance of any business depends heavily on the quality of cross-functional coordination. This coordination, in turn, depends on the performance and interplay of the constituent machines, materials, processes, and people – which are also volatile and somewhat unpredictable in terms of performance.

All manufacturing activities generate data in some form or the other, e.g., through PLC, DCS, manual logs, IoT sensors, MES applications, Trading, sales, Finance, & other applications, and various Excel sheets. Today this data is more critical and valuable than the individual systems that produce the data. Businesses now know that they must leverage this data even to stay viable as a business. However, data is also the biggest reason for the failure of most of the ambitious Digital Transformation, Analytics, and AI/ML projects.

This webinar will discuss:

  1. the “value” of industrial data,  
  1. the nature of industrial data,  
  1. challenges associated with it,  
  1. and some best practice examples from the field.

The webinar will also delve into how dDriven is helping Fortune 500 Manufacturers squeeze value out of their data with its UNLSH (pronounced unleash) platform – an Industry 4.0 data platform purpose-built for removing the complexities of IT/OT systems and enabling operationalization of contextualized data at scale.

Webinar organized by : IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, National University of Singapore, GEMS Research Center


Partha Ray
Founder & CEO, dDriven


Dr. Anupam Trivedi
Senior Research Scientist, Green Energy Management and Smart Grid Research Center, National University of Singapore

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