A platform purpose built for leveraging the IT, OT & IoT data goldmine​

Comprehensive built-in Features & Infrastructures

Data Ingestion​

Drag & Drop
Data Preparation

& Analytics


Enterprise Historian
& Datalake


Active Directory

Edge-Cloud Synch
& Interoperability

Open Data

Self Service Dashboard
& Report Builder

How it Works?


Example of data exploration and fetch, directly from SAP tables and views.


Connect to your plant and business data sources just in three clicks.


Example of time-series data ingestion, profiling, meta-data clean up, harmonization, etc.


Explore data and metadata of sources systems, add static and dynamic filters if required to get only the required data set, schedule, ingest all or only the delta or change data.


Example of time-series data generation through simple drag and drop of tabular data from SAP, LIMS, etc. and physics calculation​


Harmonize the metadata, canonize UOM, homogenize data format if required, prepare joins, logic, rules, engineering calculations, transform tabular to time series. ​


Example of scheduled calculation, data fetch, reports, etc. ​


Schedule and Store the ingested data and the data derivatives such as calculations, etc. in UNLSH’s native data lake or in a cloud store of your choice.  Deploy UNLSH as an Enterprise Historian to store millions of raw & calculated tags.


Example of data contextualization following asset hierarchy in a large petrochemical plant​


Contextualize all the data against business entities such as Machine, Material, Process or Person. Roll up in Asset Hierarchy, Organizational / Financial Reporting Hierarchy, Supply Chain schema, etc. ​


Example of data access configuration using industry standard API ODATA 4.0


Serve data to native or 3rd party Visualization tools, reporting tools, asset frameworks, ML workbenches, cloud platforms through industry standard API (ODATA 4.0).



7.1 Native self-service Report & Dashboard Builder

Use UNLSH native dashboard builder and report builder to build intuitive, rich & responsive html5 dashboards and reports. Scheduled reports to automate all routine reporting work. Allow your users to build/ customize dashboards reports using intuitive self-service capabilities.

7.2 Analytical decision support of asset operations using 3rd party visualization tool (Siemens XHQ) on UNLSH ODT. ​

Use 3rd party dashboard builder and report builder such as Power BI, Tableau, Looker, Spotfire, XHQ etc. to build powerful dashboards and reports.

7.3 Using Microsoft Time-series Insight on UNLSH ODT that’s serving all data in Time-series format along with the asset hierarchy ​

Use UNLSH’s powerful ODT mechanism to enrich your existing OSI PI Asset Framework, Microsoft Digital Twin with data from SAP, LIMS and many other tabular data. ​

7.4 Using Microsoft ML studio on UNLSH ODT that is serving data over industry standard API (ODATA 4.0).

Feed fully prepared data sets and features to the ML workbench of your choice such as Azure ML Studio, AWS sage Maker, Google TensorFlow, IBM Watson, etc.

7.5 Using cloud storage (Azure Synapse, PostgreSQL, etc.) as default data lake of UNLSH. ​

Push your manufacturing and business data directly to the Cloud of your choice such as AWS, Azure or GCP for storage and analytics.

7.6 Analyzing IT and OT data (in time-series format) using UNLSH trender.

Analyze the data from your machines, process historians, SAP, LIMS, etc. using powerful multilane trender. Search for anomalous patters and conditions using the cutting edge ML/AI algorithms. ​

7.7 Text analytics of HSE data using a cloud SaaS. Edge to cloud Data flow,  Transforms, Circle-back using UNLSH.

Leverage the power of cutting-edge AI powered applications and derive immense value from all your IT, OT and IoT Data. ​

Key Features


Eliminate IT complexity and Time-to-Value, Reduce Risk​

Vendor Agnostic

Leverage & Liberate any and all IT & OT, IoT data

Comprehensive ​

Engineering Analytics,  Business Analytics and AI/ML


Use just a connector or the whole platform


Integrate with any visualization or reporting tool, 3rd party platform or cloud platform


Deploy on a single computer or on a multi-computer cluster

ODT – Operations Digital Twin

Integrate with any visualization or reporting tool, 3rd party platform or cloud platform
Build cyber replicas of your entire factory and business operations​
Capture your domain expertise and best-practices
Give common and standardized context to your data and analytics

At The Core - the Operations Digital Twin

At the core of UNLSH lies the Operations Digital Twin (ODT), a concept pioneered by dDriven. The ODT is where the IT, OT and IoT data, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, domain knowledge, functions, hierarchies, and their interdependencies come together.
It is designed to ensure cross-functional cognition of the business impact of any exception and excursion and eliminate the emerging problem of “Disparate Analytics”.​​

Most importantly, it ticks in real-time, drawing focus to important issues and risks within the opportunity window.

It is a major paradigm shift from the siloed and post-mortem nature of analytics of the legacy approach to digital transformation.​​The ODT also serves as a single source of truth to Dashboards, Reports and AI/ML pipelines.

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