Manufacturing Analytics - Fundamentals & Success Stories

Nov 9, 2021
3:00 – 4:00 pm SGT
Zoom Webinar

About the event

Analytics of industrial data requires substantial data engineering for the blending of multiple IT and OT data streams. This data engineering and its complexities is the primary reason behind most unsuccessful analytics or digitalization projects. Current investments in verticalized solutions and analytics/visualization tools do not address this data engineering challenge, and it remains a blind spot. dDriven addresses this challenge through its platform, UNLSH – an industry-agnostic data backbone that reduces risks, complexity, and time-to-value of any analytics project. It is the core digital infrastructure that connects data, analytics, and operations.

This webinar will cover:

  1. the fundamentals of data engineering and how UNLSH simplifies the whole process
  1. some of the real-life case studies where UNLSH helped manufacturers achieve significant ROI/bottom-line impact within a short period

Webinar organized by : IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, National University of Singapore, GEMS Research Center

This is the second webinar of this series of webinars being organized by NUS, IEEE CIS and GEMS Research Centre in partnership with dDriven. To check out the recording of the first webinar "Data in manufacturing business – Impacts, Challenges, and Solutions", please click here.


Partha Ray
Founder & CEO, dDriven


Dr. Anupam Trivedi
Senior Research Scientist, Green Energy Management and Smart Grid Research Center, National University of Singapore

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